Domino's Brazil Tests Smellvision in DVDs


If you're traveling in Brazil, pop in a DVD and find yourself craving pizza, then Domino's has you right where they want you.

Domino's independent franchisees in the South American country have partnered with an ad agency there to use DVDs embedded with the scent of pizza to lure in movie watchers.

Ten discs available in ten video rental stores throughout Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro will carry the unmistakable scent of pizza, thanks to the discs being stamped with thermal ink and flavored varnish, according to the trade publication Advertising Age.

When the discs heat up in the DVD player, so too does the thermal ink and varnish, so when the movie watcher ejects the DVD, they get a whiff of a pizza-like smell along with it.

The DVDs come out looking like mini pizzas and contain the tagline, "Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino's Pizza."

The "smellvision" DVDs are only being tested by Domino's in Brazil. A spokesman for the Michigan-based pizza chain says home movie watchers and Domino's lovers in the U.S. can rest their noses.

"These are independently owned stores in Brazil and this is a program they're doing in that country for those stores," the spokesman told "We wish them well and hope it is successful."

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