Terrible Tourist Behavior Common, Survey Claims

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Looking forward to a wholesome family vacation this summer? Beware of the terrible tourists who are apparently all around.

That's according to an online, unscientific survey by travel app Triposo, which asked more than 700 travelers about their travel behavior, polling them on everything from travel pet peeves to the adventures they stumble upon while abroad.

A quarter of respondents copped to a one-night stand while traveling abroad. Six percent admitted to cheating on their significant others while traveling. An equal number said they had solicited sex while traveling abroad.

So what's fueling this behavior? Alcohol could be the culprit. Sixty percent of respondents admitted to partaking in some sort of adventure that was fueled by alcohol. But those "adventures" weren't always of the canoodling variety. Twenty percent admitted to urinating in public and 10 percent admitted to vomiting in public while traveling abroad.


Drinking is one thing, but buying drugs is quite another. Fifteen percent of respondents admitted to buying or selling drugs while abroad. Have these people not seen Brokedown Palace?

"For a lot of people, travel is a great excuse to let loose and get adventurous," said Richard Osinga, chief operating officer and founder of Triposo. "Most of the time, we think that's a great thing. It means people are more open to new cultures, exotic foods and all kinds of exciting experiences. We were a bit surprised to find that sometimes people take their travel adventurousness a little too far. But as long as you're staying safe and not hurting others, we say go for it! What's travel for, if not to get out there and live a little?"

Just maybe do it without peeing or puking in front of the kids, k?

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