Cat Amazingly Squeezes Into a Fishbowl

VIDEO: Funny Cat Video: Cat Jumps in Fish Bowl

This fluffy feline is taking a cat nap in quite an usual spot.

In this hilarious video, the gray long-haired cat squeezes his entire body in a glass fishbowl, seemingly defying the laws of physics.

The cat is shockingly comfortable contorting his body into a ball to fit into the fishbowl, and you can't help but be shocked at how he pulls off this stunt.

The video, originally uploaded to YouTube on June 16, already has more than 125,000 views.

But this cat isn't the first to go viral for doing something silly.

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George, a frisky cat from Manitoba, Canada, loves walking on his owner's treadmill.

"The cat started walking around on the treadmill with us when it was on, so we just let him do his own thing, and I managed to film it," Christopher Rogers, the cat's owner, wrote in an email to

And we certainly can't forget about Holly, the 13-year-old Northern Virginia cat who made headlines when a video of her swimming in a pool to lose weight went viral.

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