Domino's Pizza Delivered by Drone, Maybe

VIDEO: Dominos Pizza releases video of its product being delivered in Britain with the Domicopter.

If waiting 30 minutes for your pizza to be delivered is just too much for you, Domino's might have the answer.

The Michigan-based pizza chain got the hearts of pizza lovers everywhere fluttering with a video featuring the DomiCopter, a high-tech and high-speed alternative to the traditional pizza-delivery method of cars and bikes.

In the video, posted to YouTube Monday and already viewed more than 200,000 times, a Domino's deliveryman places a piping hot pizza in the company's Heatwave bag, straps it into the DomiCopter and guides it via remote control over fields, lakes and neighborhoods to a waiting customer.

If the idea of instantaneous pizza delivery, conceived by the company's franchisees in the United Kingdom, seems too good to be true, it is. The video is just a publicity stunt meant to tease Domino's fans with the allure of not having to bet on their driver getting lost or stuck in traffic while their pizza gets cold.

"The Domino's team in the U.K. [like that in the United States] is constantly looking for innovative ways to build on our reputation for delivery expertise," Domino's U.S. spokesman Tim McIntyre told "This is certainly an innovative idea, but we don't know if it will 'fly' here in the U.S."

The England-based ad agency behind the video, T + Biscuits, gave a similarly disheartening - for pizza lovers, at least - reply to the influx of emails it has received about when people might be getting their pizza delivered by the DomiCopter.

"You will have to just wait and see … and then wait," the company wrote on its website.

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