Haute Couture for Dogs

VIDEO: Doggie Haute Couture

ABC News' Beryl Shereshewsky reports:

In New York City, the sidewalks are runways and fashion cannot be leashed … or perhaps it can.

Bethany Hale, owner of Rare Breed, a small boutique company making matching accessories for pets and their humans, is bringing style and fashion to new breeds: our dogs.

She works out of her 600-square-foot apartment, where python and crocodile skins, golden charms and leather hides are tucked into available corners and spaces. Her two French bulldogs, Lola and Lucy, stir from their sunlit slumber, seemingly agitated as Hale hammers grommets into her new line of dog collars.

(John Ha)

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Hale's belief is that fashion extends to our pets.

"If you are really fashion-forward and you care about the quality of materials that goes into the things you put on yourself," she said, "I think that crosses over to your pets, as well."

So it makes sense, then, that her chic collars and leashes pair perfectly with her handmade human accessories: python belts, studded cuffs and even coffee cozies.

"My inspiration comes from the streets of New York," she said. "I see people walking around and I get ideas from some of the new fashion trends, because I think, in general, there's not a brand of pet wear that really follows them. Typically, they lag by about two years."

Taking Lola and Lucy for a walk we were stopped twice by people wanting to pet them at a red light. They commented on her matching green python belt and leash.

"They're my best advertisers" Hale said, laughing. "Almost all of my clients have come from talking to people on the street and in the dog parks."

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Her products are well-crafted and detailed, but, at the end of the day, she said, "My dogs still roll in the mud just like any other dog, so I make sure that these products are durable."

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