Roommates Turn Friend's Room Pink in Viral Prank

Courtesy Tom Overend

The old saying, "Boys will be boys," has never rung so true.

How would you feel if you had just returned home at 1:30 a.m. from a two-month trip through Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines wanting nothing more than to sleep in your own bed, only to discover your entire room had been transformed into a pink, princess wonderland equipped with glittery furniture, a dollhouse and unicorn stuffed animals?

That's exactly what happened on June 17 to Tom Overend, 26, from Footscray, Australia, when he got back to the house he shares with four of his best friends.

"We live in an old, converted shop, so our house is quite large. As a result, we host things often," Overend wrote in an email to "Whenever we do, everything gets shoved into my room. I was expecting to return to a storage room, which I think is why they deliberately set out to achieve the opposite."

To see all the hilarious photos of Overend's pink room, click here.

And did they ever. His four friends completed the entire room makeover in two days, including all the time it took to shop, decorate and paint the space. They even created a Facebook event inviting 15 additional people to get involved in the process.

When asked if his friends often pull pranks like this, Overend responded, "Yes, but this has certainly raised the bar. We like surprises. We're blessed with a creative household. I'd say we don't even consider them 'pranks.' We just enjoy upstaging each other's surprises."

Overend's roommates claim the entire room cost them less than $60 to construct. Most of the toys were borrowed from friends, the bed they bought for free from Gumtree, an Australian version of Craigslist, and the bright pink paint only cost $14.

However, revenge might be in the works for one of Overend's roommates, Marc McIntyre, who is the next of the young men to go on a lengthy trip.

"I know Marc is going overseas shortly because we bought him a travel voucher for his birthday, and I know he would've been the main conspirator," Overend wrote. "I'm gonna look into how much it'll cost to fill his room with deer and dry-ice. He's definitely getting some kind of livestock in there."

But despite the unexpected, abrupt and vibrant room transformation, Overend maintained a positive attitude toward his rowdy roommates.

"I'm blessed to have the most amazing roommates on the planet," he said. "Living with four guys sounds weird, but it's honestly like living with brothers. What they lack in full-time employment and repressing social commitments, they more than make up for with determination, dedication and love."

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