Distracted Girlfriend Fails to Notice Marriage Proposal

VIDEO: A woman in Australia was too busy to notice her boyfriend on bended knee trying to propose.

They say all good things come to those who wait.

And for Adrian Gardiner, 37, from Healesville, Australia, that certainly proved true as he was left on bended knee attempting to propose for nearly two minutes before his girlfriend, Libbi Taite, 31, even noticed he was there.

"What can I say? Libbi is a very focused woman, haha," Gardiner wrote to GoodMorningAmerica.com on what was going through his mind when Taite was paying him no attention.

Poor Gardiner had even broken his back just eight days prior to the June 30 proposal, so the kneeling position was quite painful for him.

"I broke my back at Libbi's daughter's 10th birthday party," he explained. "The party was held at a trampoline centre. I bounced on my back, heard two big cracks and knew straight away I was in trouble."

But the pain didn't deter Gardiner from his plan to ask for Taite's hand in marriage.

The pair had just opened a brand new hair salon, Mugshot Hair, where Taite was busy removing the newspaper from the windows. As part of his whole scheme, Gardiner warned Taite he was going to have a friend tape the "unveiling" of the salon, and since she's camera shy, she was intentionally not trying to look at the camera.

"After doing the full renovation of the salon in three days and having such a traumatic experience during the week before, she [Taite] was tired and just wanted to get the newspaper down so we could finish up and go home," said Gardiner.

But his patience paid off and made for an excellent viral moment, as the video of his proposal has now garnered more than 136,000 views on YouTube.

The happy couple say they are taking some time to get their salon up and running before picking a wedding date, but are hoping to choose a weekend in either March or April of 2014.

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