'Error' Delays Flight for 86 Years

Alexander Klein/AFP/Getty Images

How long was your longest flight delay? Five hours? Overnight?

You were probably pretty annoyed. Imagine, though, if you were told your flight would be delayed by more than eight decades.

That's exactly what happened to a load of EasyJet passengers scheduled to fly from Geneva to London Sunday, according to The Independent. The 130 passengers received the message, "We are writing to inform you that your flight will depart as 9485 at 11:00 local time on 29/07/2099." (July 29, 2099).

That's 86 years and one day from the original flight date.

"This was a systems error which only affected one flight," an EasyJet representative told the paper. "Even our new long-term fleet deal doesn't take us that far into the future."

EasyJet didn't respond to ABC News' request for comment.

The Independent pointed out that had passengers actually been forced to wait 86 years and one day to take off for their flight, it would cost the airline about $9 million per passenger in hotel rooms, meals and international phone calls.

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