Golfer Hunter Mahan Discusses Leaving $1 Million Prize for Premature Baby

VIDEO: Golfer Hunter Mahan says he was "shocked" when wife Kandi went into labor three weeks early.

Newborn Zoe Olivia Mahan truly is a million dollar baby. And now her proud parents, pro golfer Hunter Mahan and wife Kandi Mahan, are expecting quite the hefty baby gift from fellow golfer Brandt Snedeker.

Snedeker won the $1 million Canadian Open golf tournament on July 28 after Mahan withdrew from the competition a day early to be with his wife who went into labor. Mahan was in the lead at the time.

"College tuition?" Robin Roberts asked the Mahan's on "Good Morning America" this morning.

"That's what we're thinking," Kandi jokingly replied. "We'll be on the lookout for that."

Mahan had a two-stroke lead before the third and final round of the July 27 tournament when he left the practice range in Oakville, Ontario, as soon as his agent notified him his wife was ready to give birth to their first child.

"My agent, Chris Armstrong, gave me the phone and said, 'You've got great news,'" Mahan said during a Skype interview with "GMA" from his home in Dallas, Texas. "Her water broke and she was ready to go. The best news about it was that her water broke. It was so definitive. If she was having contractions and going back and forth, it would have been a difficult decision."

Golfer Leaves $1M Event He Was Winner To See Birth of First Child

Although the baby arrived three weeks early, the happy family is healthy and enjoying their time with Zoe.

"Zoe is perfect, and I'm feeling really well," said Kandi. "I had an awesome delivery. Just to see her little sweet face is so special. We're on cloud nine."

With the tournament taking place just four weeks prior to her due date, Kandi and Hunter had discussed the fact she could possibly go into labor while he was away.

"We had discussed this over and over again," Kandi said. "My first concern was to make sure I was in labor. My doctor thank goodness was on call, and sent me in triage and said, 'You're in labor.' So we called Hunter immediately. The doctor assured me she wouldn't be there in a few hours, so he'd have time to make it."

Mahan, 31, did indeed arrive on time, leaving behind the possible victory and a $1 million check in order to see their first child, Zoe Olivia Mahan, be born at 3:26 a.m. on July 28.

"Once he arrived it was just perfect," said Kandi.

"It happened when it did and I made it back," the proud father said. "And gosh, I got to see it, which was the amazing thing."

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