Most-Wanted Airport Amenity? Not Bars

What better way to pass the time during a flight delay, than sitting in a cool movie theater, sipping soft drinks and munching on popcorn? (Getty Images)

Airports have upped their offerings in recent years, adding everything from yoga studios to art installations to flu shots.

Check out these photos of awesome airport amenities.

But turns out, according to a recent survey of 10,000 travelers by Skyscanner, that none of these is even in the top three when it comes to what travelers claim they really want in an airport. Not even the sleep pods that are becoming more and more popular for travelers to catch a few winks at a cheap price topped the list?

What did? Movie theaters.

Makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Got a three-hour layover? A delay due to summer storms? What better way to pass the time than sitting in a cool movie theater, sipping soft drinks and munching on popcorn?

Even though cinemas top the list of most-wanted amenities, few airports actually offer this amenity. You can, however, catch a flick before your flight at the Hong Kong International Airport, home to the largest IMAX screen in Hong Kong. And while they're not as large, there are two movie theaters at Singapore's Changi Airport, one each in Terminal 2 and 3.

Those sleep pods were the second most popular dream airport' facility. And despite the rise of e-books, the traditional paperback is clearly still a popular choice among air travelers, as 32 percent of respondents said they'd love an airport library, making it the third most wanted airport facility. Coming in close behind was a green outdoor area.

Top 10 Most Wanted Airport Amenities:

1. Cinema - 49% 2. Sleep pod - 36% 3. Library - 32% 4. Park - 31% 5. Vanity area - 30% 6. Kids play area - 21% 7. Pool - 20% 8. Gym - 15% 9. Man-made beach - 12% 10. Bikes - 11%

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