Not Another Boy!: Family's Funny Photo Goes Viral

Courtesy Isaac Frisbie

Every expectant parent wants their newborn child to be healthy, but sometimes you just can't help but wish for the baby to be a specific gender, especially when you're surrounded by the opposite gender at home.

"My wife has four brothers and I have two brothers," Isaac Frisbie, a father of four boys, told "We thought it would be nice to have a girl somewhere in the mix so my wife could have someone to do girly things with and dress her up like a princess and do hair braids."

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When Frisbie, 33, and his wife, Brittany, 31, discovered during a sonogram last week that they were expecting a fifth boy, they decided to have some fun with it.

The Frisbies, who live near Provo, Utah, had their four sons - Eli, 9; twins Oliver and Emerson, 5; and Kallan, 2 - dress in superhero costumes while their dad, Isaac, dressed in what he called a "geek-related" outfit, too.

Then they threw some Kleenex tissues on the ground and posed for a photo with all the boys in the family celebrating the news of a fifth baby boy on the way while mom held her head in her hands.

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"Brittany pretended to be overwhelmed emotionally," Frisbie said. "We thought it'd be funny as a gag."

Frisbie posted the photo to the couple's personal Facebook page and on Reddit where it quickly shot to the front page and received nearly 4,000 comments.

"I like to joke around a lot but I never expected any sort of original content on a website like Reddit to skyrocket," he said.

Comments on the photo ranged everywhere from people who commiserated with the Frisbies and shared their stories of all-boy and all-girl families, to those who said the couple should just be happy to be having a baby, a point with which the Frisbies agree.

"We wanted a healthy child, which is what we have," Frisbie said. "That's ultimately all we cared about. We just wanted to make sure it was healthy."

The gender of the new baby, due around Thanksgiving, caused a split not just online but also among the youngest members of the Frisbie household.

Two of the couple's four boys wanted another boy, while the other two were hoping for a baby sister.

"The boys that wanted it to be a boy were a bit more excited and like, 'Yeah, another boy,'" he said.

Another boy to dress up in superhero costumes.

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