Silly Dog Walks Backwards Going Up Stairs

VIDEO: Dog Walks Backwards Up Stairs

This dog gives a whole new meaning to leading with your best foot forward. But in her case, her best feet are her hind legs.

Lila, a basenji, is confused about how you're supposed to go up stairs, so she goes backwards.

The description on the YouTube video, which was originally uploaded on June 29 and already has more than 284,000 views, says, "My basenji Lila can't seem to handle wooden stairs very well, so for some reason she walks up backwards."

Dudley the Dog Gets Ready for the Day Like a Human

But Lila isn't the only dog to ever do anything out of the ordinary.

Dudley the dog's owner, Charli Kilpatrick, a University of Texas student, dressed up her chocolate Labrador retriever like a human for a class project.

"I did it for a class project at UT," Kilpatrick told "The project was to create a short film or blog about marketing and circulating. The goal was to get 1,000 views by December. I sat down and had no idea how I'd get a thousand views by then. But I saw another video similar to it with a dog eating, and I thought I could take it a little farther.

"I knew dogs do well, and there's no language barrier, and who doesn't like dogs?"

The video of Dudley's dog day has had more than 1.7 million views since it was originally posted to YouTube on Oct. 14.

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