Bedroom Tilted 90 Degrees in Epic Prank

VIDEO: Epic Prank Tilts Brothers Room 90 Degrees

Two brothers from Holland sure know how to up the ante on good old sibling rivalry.

We first met Tobias Mathijsen, 28, last August when he decided to get the ultimate revenge on his younger brother, Jamiro Smajic, 16, for altering his Facebook profile, by turning Smajic's bedroom completely pink while he was away on vacation.

Now, an entire year later, it appears Smajic didn't reverse his pink room, adorned with boy band posters and fluffy stuffed animals, back to his white walls and Nirvana posters, as we see in this hilarious video of Mathijsen's latest prank where he tilts everything in brother's bedroom exactly 90 degrees.

"It took us 2 days to tilt the room," Mathijsen wrote to "We had to top last year's prank so we decided to do something insane. What's more insane than looking at your own room from above when you walk in?"

Mathijsen seized the perfect opportunity to prank Smajic again while he was traveling in Italy for two weeks.

"We spent hours drilling holes in the walls and making special studs for everything to stay in place. It was a tough job," said Mathijsen.

The older brother spent about $400 on all the equipment to complete the head-turning prank on Smajic's bedroom in their parent's house.

Mathijsen says their mom is still able to laugh about it, "a little bit," which is fortunate for him as he's already scheming ways to top this prank next year.

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