Couple's Wet and Wild Wedding on Water Skis

VIDEO: An adventurous couple in Vancouver had their wedding on water skis.

Here comes the bride, all dressed in … a 50-pound, soaking wet wedding gown.

"We wanted to make it memorable even though we didn't want it to be traditional," newlywed Caylee Wasilenko, 33, of Vancouver, told GoodMorningAmerica, of her recent Aug. 28 wedding.

She and her now husband, Cam Auge, also 33, are the adventurous type, which made the decision to elope on a Wednesday while water skiing perfectly easy.

"We met each other on a swim team and we started out dating after a surfing trip, so our whole relationship has been around water," Wasilenko explained. "We both have a love for water sports."

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The couple, who have been dating six years and have two young daughters together, didn't want to have a big, traditional wedding.

"We just wanted something for us. So we thought, 'Why not water ski?'" she said.

So off they went into the water while wearing their tux and gown, after saying their "I Do's," for a lovely newlywed victory lap. But there was only one problem.

"We were going to start off at the dock without getting wet, but Cam was nervous about getting up, so I wasn't really trying to hold on," said Wasilenko, whose $1,600 wedding gown was borrowed from her younger sister.

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The next thing the couple's five guests could see was the bride, dress and all, who'd fallen into the water.

"My mom's biggest thing was that I was going to drown in the dress because it's so heavy when it's wet," she explained. "But I put the life jacket on my legs under the dress to make her more comfortable."

Fortunately, getting wet didn't put a damper on Wasilenko's big day, as the couple quickly recovered to make a second, more successful attempt at the water sport.

"People who know us aren't surprised. We like to do crazy things," said the bride.

The happy couple is leaving for France on Sept. 2 to celebrate their nuptials, and also to introduce the newest member of their family, their 11-month-old daughter, to Auge's family, who lives abroad, for the first time.

Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press/AP Photo

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