L.A. Restaurant Charges $20 for Bottle of Water on Pricey New Water Menu

Ray's and Stark Bar, a restaurant located inside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has introduced an exclusive water menu featuring bottled waters from around the world, all curated by the nation's first ever water sommelier.

The water menu was introduced last month. It was created by the restaurant's general manager and water sommelier, Martin Riese, and features 20 sparkling and still brands from 12 different countries.

The menu on the restaurant's website describes the waters in varying degrees of sweet, salty, smooth and complex, and the brands vary in price.

Iskilde, a still water from Denmark, costs $12 per one-liter bottle. Badoit, a sparkling water from France, costs $8 per .75 liter-bottle. This water was said to pair "well with sweet wine and cheese," according to the menu.

Beverly Hills 90H20 ( the Los Angeles Time reported that this is Riese's own brand) sells for $16 per one-liter bottle. It's described as "pristine spring water from Northern California mountains" that is "combined with a select balance of natural minerals, resulting in a 7.5 pH alkalinity, and a silky smooth, incredibly crisp taste profile."

At $20 for a .75-liter bottle, Berg, a glacial still water from Greenland, is the most expensive water on the menu.

A .75-liter bottle of Evian costs $8.

Riese is considered an expert on water. In fact, he co-wrote "Die Welt des Wasser (World of Water)," a book on the subject, according to his company profile.

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