Mark Malkoff, Comedian, Handcuffed to Wife for 48 Hours

VIDEO: Married Couple Spends 48 Hours Handcuffed

If couples that handcuff themselves together stay together, comedian Mark Malkoff and his wife, Christine, can look forward to a long, very long, marriage.

The couple, married for eight years, tested their relationship, and undoubtedly their nerves, in a decidedly extreme way by handcuffing themselves to each other for 48 hours.

"We've been married eight years yet we just never spend time together and I thought what would happen if we were really forced to spend 48 hours as an experiment," Malkoff told "I thought this could either go really well or really wrong."

The good news is that the pair, who live in Queens, N.Y., are still married today. The even better news, at least for those who wonder what it would be like to be locked up to your spouse, is that the Malkoffs captured their experiment on video and posted it to YouTube.

"I don't think that this would be ideal for a lot of couples but I am tempted by people's responses to this video to maybe try it for longer," Malkoff said. "I originally thought we could do it for a week but then I thought that maybe wouldn't be good for the marriage."

"Maybe we'll try it for a week at some point," he said.

Being handcuffed to his wife for one week would not be so outlandish for Malkoff, who has made headlines by making a purchase at all the Starbucks in Manhattan in less than 24 hours, living and sleeping inside a New Jersey IKEA store for one week and staying on an AirTran plane for an entire month to get over his fear of flying.

Malkoff says that in this experiment, the only time he and Christine questioned their idea was the night before when Christine realized they wouldn't be able to change shirts while handcuffed and thus would have to spend all 48 hours wearing the same clothes.

"In the beginning we were feeling a little panicked and then after we woke up the first day we thought we can get through this," he said. "It strengthened our relationship, which is good."

The couple kept up their normal routine throughout the 48 hours, even riding the subway and going for a walk and out to eat in their Queens neighborhood.

"The waiter just smiled as if everything was normal with two people handcuffed having a meal together," Malkoff said. "It's New York. They've seen everything."

According to Malkoff, the only thing that suffered during the 48 hours of extreme closeness was not the couple's sanity, tempers or good will towards each other, but their apartment.

"It was just too difficult to do the cleaning," he said. "We really would have had to buckle down to clean handcuffed so our place was kind of a mess afterwards."

Though Malkoff acknowledges he and Christine, who also works with him managing his filmmaking and comedic career, are not the "typical couple," he thinks every couple could benefit from a little handcuff therapy.

"Even if they only last an hour or two, it's definitely a learning experience," he said.

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