Passenger Gets Ominous Confirmation Code

Delta passenger Kathryn Stockett's airline confirmation number is shown. (@kathrynstockett/Twitter)

Airline passenger Kathryn Stockett might want to reconsider her Delta flight.

Stockett, author of the popular book-turned-movie The Help, tweeted on Aug. 8 the above photo with the message to @Delta "Dear Delta Airlines, I know we've been through some hard times together but is this really my conf number?"

The confirmation number? GONER5.

The next day, the airline tweeted back from its dedicated Twitter account @DeltaAssist: "The confirmation numbers are randomly generated. We will add this to a list of banned alpha-numeric combinations. *CS" (CS = Customer Service).


"We are terribly sorry for the combination of letters used for your itinerary. *CS"

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