Skinny Jeans 2.0: Can New Jeans Tech Make Wearers Look Slimmer?

Skinny jeans are the style that keeps coming back, and now, new denim technology is promising to shape, nip, tuck and lift the body to disguise any flaws and make the wearer look slimmer.

J Brand jeans' photo-ready denim - sold at stores such as Bloomingdale's - uses slimming stretch technology.

Levi's Revel is a line of body-shaping jeans that claim to make the wearer look slimmer by fusing liquid technology into the denim to help the jeans hold their shape.

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And Coldwater Creek uses built-in, invisible stretch panels that help smooth out the midsection.

That all sounds good, but do the jeans actually work?

"GMA" tagged along while three models tried the new skinny jeans, and they all seemed to like the effects.

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Style expert Rachel Zalis explained some of the jeans' tricks. She said a higher waistline eliminates dreaded muffin top, while slimming stitching and higher pocket placement give extra lift.

"A lot of these jeans say you'll look one size smaller. I mean, do you know how many women would kill, you know, to go down from a [size] 8 to a 6, or a 12 to a 10? I mean, it's like a miracle," she said.

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