Golden Retriever Puppy Welcomes Adorable 8-Month-Old Girl

Puppy Is Really Excited to See Baby

Take a look at this puppy love.

In a moment of pure joy, little 8-month-old Ella squeals in excitement as her 2-month-old Golden Retriever puppy hops around her outside on the porch, gently nudging her to play with him.

Ella can't get enough of the adorable puppy's games, petting him on the head as he comes near.

The two babies roll around together on the ground, with Ella ultimately resting her head on the rambunctious puppy's belly.

The YouTube video has more than 810,000 views since it was posted this past April, and if you can't get enough of the heartwarming moment, you're in luck. The YouTube poster added another 55 second clip on Sept. 15 of baby Ella in her strawberry-covered dress playing with the puppy after commenters left messages longing for an extended version of the precious pair's playtime.

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