Ordinary Women Seek Stars' Features in Quest for Ideal Face

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Have you ever wished you could look more like your favorite celebrity?

Picture it: you with Julia Roberts' famous smile, or Jennifer Lopez's cheekbones, Natalie Portman's nose or Jennifer Garner's jaw? How about you with Kim Kardashian's eyelashes or with Anne Hathaway's glamorous pixie cut?

According to doctors, dentists and beauticians everywhere, these stars had the features most desired by everyday women.

The New York Post recently put them together to reveal the ideal face.

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"Regular people want to look like celebrities, they want to resemble celebrities," Dr. Lana Rozenberg, a cosmetic dentist in Manhattan, said.

Jewelry designer Olya Kislin wanted her smile to be more red-carpet ready, so she got whitening and veneers.

"When I came to Dr. Rozenberg I did show her a picture of (model Elizabeth) Hurley and I said I would love to have a smile like that," Kislin said.

After the procedure, Kislin said she feels "amazing."

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Asked which celebrities people referenced the most, Rozenberg said the most popular ones were actresses Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie.

Sarah Moreno, a 23-year-old nursing student, had plastic surgery to change her fuller face for the appearance of higher cheekbones like those of actress Jennnifer Lopez.

"I see celebrities with … contoured high cheekbones and that was something that I wanted," Moreno said.

Dr. Alan Matarasso, a plastic surgeon, said he took fat out of Moreno's cheek to give better definition to her cheek and jawline.

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If going under the knife is too much for some people, there are minor treatments that can offer big results.

Alicia Hunter, a celebrity lash artist, says she has received requests from clients who want the look of Jolie's "cat eye" or of Kardashian's lush lashes.

Hunter's client, Deborah Lomax, wanted Jolie's lashes, calling them "understated yet sophisticated." She opted for lash extensions.

Achieving the perfect face doesn't come cheap. It can cost as much as $42,000 for a Julia Roberts-like smile, $4,000 for cheekbones like Lopez's, $10,000 for a nose like Portman's, $1,500 for a Garner-like jaw, $400 for lashes like Kardashian's and $200 for Hathaway's haircut.

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