Vassar Soccer Star Evan Seltzer's College Legacy Is in Hairdos

(Image Credit: Vassar College Athletics)

The annual photo from your school days is a way to see each year how you've grown, how you've perfected your smile and, perhaps, matured, unless you're Evan Seltzer.

The 22-year-old senior at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., used his four-year span of soccer photos to show how wild, wackier and funnier he had become.

It all started out spontaneously back in 2010 when Seltzer, a Philadelphia native, decided at the last minute to make a goofy smile at his first soccer photo shoot.

"Just a couple seconds before the picture I made the face I made and that was that," Seltzer told "I had to argue with the photographers for 15 minutes because they wanted me to take a new picture but I told them that was my normal smile."

Seltzer's photo went on the team page on the college's website and on posters across campus. With that, a tradition was born.

"Then I thought I have a bit of a legacy here that I have to follow up on," he said.

For the next year two years, Seltzer began planning at least one month in advance of the photos, taken each August. His sophomore photo shows him with sideburns, a goatee and slicked-back hair, while his junior year he went with a bleach-blond mohawk and a grimace.

Seltzer's senior year photo, his grand finale, took even more strategic planning.

"I worked at a lobbying firm in D.C. this past summer so I had to keep myself clean-cut," said Seltzer, a political science major. "Right when my internship ended, I immediately started growing my beard and then right before the photo shoot I shaved it."

Seltzer shaved his entire head, save for a strip of hair around his entire face and over the top of his head, and unveiled it with a grand flourish.

"I wore a hoodie to the photo shoot so it was a grand unveiling," he said. "There was a lot of suspension being built and then lots of laughs; a few people just in shock and disbelief."

Despite the increasing intricacy and outlandishness that came with each photo, Seltzer says his freshman photo, featuring just a goofy smile, is his favorite because it's "the most authentic and impromptu."

Seltzer says his mom, typically the keeper of all school photos, has been "very supportive throughout this whole process."

His mom can rest assured, however, that the photo antics of her son, who now has a "socially acceptable buzz cut," won't go on for the rest of his life, especially because he'd like to pursue a political career.

"This is probably going to stay a college thing," Seltzer said. "I don't think I can take this into the real world.

"I've already come to terms with the fact that my Facebook page has ruined any chance of me personally holding elective office," he added, "but I'm definitely going to work on campaigns for a couple of years and see where that takes me."

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