Clinton Kelly's Top 5 Tips for a 'Freakin' Fabulous' Halloween Party

VIDEO: The co-host of ABCs "The Chew" and TLCs "What Not to Wear" discusses his new book.

Clinton Kelly, host of ABC's " The Chew," knows a thing or two about entertaining. In his new book, "Freakin' Fabulous on a Budget," Kelly shares his no-fail tips for living the fab life on the cheap. With Halloween around the corner, we got Kelly to divulge his top five tips for a frighteningly fabulous bash.

  1. Incorporate color, pattern, texture and shine into your outfits, décor and tablescapes. Try sequins and shiny fabrics. Remember, you don't have to stick to just orange and black. Bold purples, reds, greens and metallics look great at Halloween, too. Pick saturated colors.
  2. Choose an unexpected and utterly original costume. Gather your friends together and write several nouns and adjectives on slips of paper. Put the nouns in one hat and the adjectives in the other. Choose a slip of paper from each. You might end up with a ghoulish Miley Cyrus!
  3. Choose a signature cocktail and give it a Halloween twist. Try a creepy Cosmo with eyeball candies frozen in ice cubes or gummy worm garnishes. Make those ahead so you're not scrambling during the party.
  4. Put together a few easy Halloween-themed hors d'oeuvres, and make sure you label everything. People like to know what they're eating! Try some fondue with fingerling potato dippers, "deviled" eggs with sliced red pepper horns, or frankenweenies - little hot dogs wrapped in crescent-roll dough, baked and dotted with mustard eyes.
  5. Set the mood with low lighting. Use lots of candles to create a mysterious, magical mood. Try placing some cobwebs and fake spiders across the top of floral arrangements.

Check out Kelly's recipes for savory tomato crumble and mixed berry trifle here.

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