'Who You Gonna Call' If You Need a Ride on Halloween? This Kid

VIDEO: Cooper, 2, has a tricked out Ghostbusters car to ride in while trick-or-treating.

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? This kid.

Little Cooper Newton-Smith may only be 2 years old, but thanks to the handy work of his creative parents, he's got the pesky ghosts lurking along the trick-or-treating route covered.

Adorned in his pint-size Ghostbusters getup, fully loaded with his Proton Pack backpack and miniature Ecto-1 wheels, it's safe to say this toddler takes home the "riding in style" award.


"He loves it so much," Cooper's mom, Cory Newton-Smith, told GoodMorningAmerica.com. "He loves being pushed around and pretending like he's steering it."

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As the brains behind the operation, Newton-Smith says she spent about two weeks, or 200 hours, constructing the cardboard on top of a used push car toy to perfectly replicate the Ghostbusters-mobile, while her husband handles the electrical details of the car, equipped with a working siren, lights and the Ghostbusters theme song blaring through the built-in speakers.

"We started out making it because we thought it would be funny," Newton-Smith explained of her son's portable costume that has taken the Internet by storm. "I've always been creative and really into making things, so this was the perfect excuse."

But the fun doesn't stop here. Interested in time travel? Cooper can handle that, too.

Last year, for his very first Halloween, Newton-Smith and her husband, Jeremy, constructed the iconic "Back to the Future" DeLorean, with Cooper proudly playing the role of Marty McFly.

"It all started with a red puffy vest Cooper already had, and a side comment from my husband about Marty McFly," Newton-Smith wrote on a blog explaining her DIY project.

And then the idea grew into something larger - a full-blown mobile Halloween costume.

"My son was only 1, so we wanted to make something we could push him around in because he was too little to walk," she explained. "So we bought a push car from a place where you can buy used kids toys, and we built the DeLorean on top of that."

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The push car was so handy last year for trick-or-treating they decided to keep up the tradition, and Ghostbusters, Newton-Smith said, was "the most awesome thing we could think of."

The crafty couple's co-workers, friends and family have already started buzzing about how they'd ever be able to top these costumes next year, but perhaps all it will take is a passenger seat.

"We were joking next year we might have another kid by then, and then how are we going to incorporate both of them?" Newton-Smith said. "So we're thinking a baby R2-D2."

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