Womb-Tubers: Telling the World You're Pregnant

VIDEO: Sharing Pregnancy Result Videos Online

ABC News' Daisha Riley and Sara Haines report:

Finding out you're pregnant is among the most highly anticipated moments in a woman's life. But now, women are inviting the world into their special moment by posting their pregnancy result videos online.

"It's really a special moment and recording it and sharing that with the world is as authentic as you can possibly get," BabyZone blogger Chelsea Day told ABC News.

They're called "Womb-Tubers," for capturing the moment they find out they're pregnant and posting it to YouTube.

Bryan and Missy Lanning, of San Diego, had been trying to get pregnant for two years.

"When I started my pregnancy journey I decided I wanted to get on YouTube and find other women who are doing the same thing," Missy Lanning, 23, explained.

So when she thought she was pregnant, she turned on her camera.

"Being on YouTube, we sort of have two families," Bryan Lanning, 23, said of he and his wife's YouTube channel, "The Bumps Along the Way." "We have our family, our mom, and then we have our YouTube family. We filmed it for them so they can watch it."

And more than 150,000 people did. But videos like these beg the question of whether this is a private moment, or one to be shared.

"Sharing your emotions and feelings with the world is just amazing," said Day. "I don't think that you could go wrong."

"When you find out you're pregnant, it is such a raw moment," Missy added. "It's such a moment when you're like, 'Oh my God, I'm pregnant.' And to actually capture that moment, it's just amazing."

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