Marriage Proposal Fake-Out: Video Captures Guessing Game

Jordan Halland and Summer Jones.

In an age where marriage proposals are becoming more and more grand, it can be hard to keep the elaborate event a secret. Which is exactly what happened to Jordan Halland, 33, of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, when his girlfriend, Summer Jones, 25, figured out his proposal plan the day of the surprise.

Instead of going through with it as planned, though, Halland created a twist to keep Jones guessing.

"I decided at the last minute I needed to do something completely different," Halland said. "So I called my friends who are professional vidoegraphers and said, 'Maybe we can do a bunch of proposals so she doesn't know when the real one is coming.'"

In a video (below) that has gained hundreds of thousands of views overnight, Halland fakes Jones out by pretending to propose three times before actually popping the question. The first occurred when Halland got down on one knee-to tie his shoe. The couple then continued onto dinner.

"We set up hidden cameras in the restaurant where we went on our first date," Halland said. He stood up to make a seemingly romantic announcement-only to tell the entire restaurant that the couple loved sushi. Jones playfully swatted at Halland as a result.

"Then I called a bunch of Summer's friends from high school and had them learn a special song for us and play it in a nearby park after dinner," Halland recounted. In the video, Jones can be seen tearing up at this moment.

"I thought he was just kind of giving me a hard time, and then I saw the cameras at the park, and I thought he was going to propose for sure. But then he didn't, and I was like okay, what's happening right now?" Jones said.

The couple continued the evening by walking to the end of a long dock, the last destination in the video. Halland finally got down on one knee for real, telling Jones, "I love you so much, Summer, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

Jones immediately agreed. "It was wonderful. It was such a beautiful moment and I think that even though the cameras were there, it was still like it was just me and him," Jones said. "It was really special."

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