Picture-Perfect Couple Finds Love, Gets Engaged on Instagram

Modern Love: Relationship Plays Out on Instagram

Their romance had all the makings of a typical love story, except with a 21 st century style twist.

Denis Lafargue, of Mandeville, La., and Elizabeth Wisdom, of Mineola, Texas, fell in love through Instagram.

It all started when Wisdom, a professional photographer, posted a photo of Crater Lake, Ore., on her Instagram feed in 2012, and Lafargue, a man she didn't know, commented.

"My family had just done that same trip the summer before, and it sort of sparked our conversation," the musician and church leader told "Good Morning America."

"He kept commenting on my photos, and I finally decided to check out his profile and see who this guy was," Wisdom explained. "I started to look forward to comments I would get from him."

Over time, the plausible next step for the two 21-year-olds, who "liked" each other in more ways than one, was to meet in person.

"I was very excited when Denis got my number," Wisdom said. "I just remember thinking, 'Oh wow. This is going outside of Instagram."

Wisdom drove seven hours from Texas to Louisiana to meet Lafargue, and a day later, their Instagram relationship turned official with another picture confirming it: "It's official guys, Elizabeth Wisdom is my Instalady!"

Nine months later, an elaborate marriage proposal was in the works.

"I had this idea to make a timeline of our relationship," said Lafargue, who gathered 30 Instagram photos chronicling their relationship.

He strategically placed them along a route leading Wisdom to a barn on her grandmother's property, the place where she had always wanted to be married.

Lafargue popped the question on June 27 and the answer was yes.

The picture-perfect couple plans to wed outside the very same barn, "between two oak trees so the barn will be the backdrop," Wisdom told "GMA" today.

Throughout their modern-day love story, both Wisom and Lafargue have amassed thousands of new followers to their Instagram accounts.

"It's been great to hear people say they've been following our story the entire time," Wisdom said. "It's so encouraging for us just to know there's a whole community out there who supports our relationship."

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