'Christmas Cats TV': The Most Addictive Animal Adoption Tactic Ever


Absolutely nothing this holiday season will bring you more joy, mindlessly waste hours of your day, and also give you the opportunity to do a good deed - all at the same time - quite like "Christmas Cats TV."

Behold the mesmerizing, mind-numbing enchantment of this brilliant live stream that immediately sucks you into a cozy living room with eight Christmas cats, a saucy grandma and a somewhat snarky elf (the latter two played by actors).

The festive scene - complete with grandma knitting in her rocking chair, an elf sneaking swigs from his flask and fluffy felines in Christmas sweaters - is the result of a genius collaboration between the North Shore Animal League and Sony Music, who teamed up to pull on your heart strings by combining two major holiday hits: adorable, adoptable cats and classic Christmas tunes sung by iconic artists.

"We started the campaign to get the music in front of people and it allows us to help the cats get adopted, which is amazing," Jason Cohen, Sony Entertainment's senior director of digital marketing, told GoodMorningAmerica.com.

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Not only do online viewers get to gaze into the warmth of grandma's green living room with stockings hung by the chimney with care, they can also interact with grandma and the elf by submitting questions and comments on the message board.

"We're relaying what's going on online and communicating it to the actors so they can communicate with the digital space which is so great," said Cohen.

The eight cats are loving their time in the limelight, getting to shine outside their usual cages in front of an audience to give prospective adopters an idea of what their behavior is like inside an actual home.

"We tried to highlight some of our older cats because they're the tougher ones to adopt," Lindsey Calabrese, the animal league's communications manager, explained. "A lot of people come in here looking for dogs, puppies and kittens, so we put together our chosen ones to be with grandma for a couple days. And surprisingly, they were fine with putting the sweaters on."

Although we wish the fun would never end, after running eight hours a day for three days out of their studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the "Christmas Cats TV" live stream concludes today at 5 p.m., so be sure to get in all your holiday viewing and cat-adopting right now.

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