Thrill-Seeking Supermodel Does Scuba, Skydiving

Roberta Mancino says shes "better" at jumping off cliffs than walking in high-heels.

ABC News' Aditi Roy and Faryn Shiro report:

Many models love to relax in their time off, but not Roberta Mancino. This daredevil supermodel is into skydiving and scuba diving.

"I like to dress up and wear makeup sometimes," Mancino, 33, said on "Good Morning America." "But not every day."

A video from Grind TV shows Mancino doing what she loves most-anything that defies death and gravity.

"I have about 8,000 skydives and I love to fly my wingsuit," Mancino said. "I'm better at jumping off a cliff on high heels."

The model is one of the best wingsuit flyers in the world. She holds three freestyle world records and has worked on the blockbuster movie "Iron Man 3."

But even though Mancino is a pro, she's still had some close calls, saying her chute didn't open during six skydives.

"It happens a lot when you are student and happens later, and it's not a big deal," Mancino said. "It gives you a little bit of adrenaline when happens."

Mancino has taken her talents underwater, too. "Since I started scuba diving in 2000, and I saw sharks in the water, I just love them," she said. "I love animals in general, and underwater animals are my favorite."

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