Vacationing Couple Gets Bear of a Surprise

VIDEO: A California couple did not notice the brown bear standing just feet away from them on their porch.

New surveillance video shows exactly what happens when someone gets up close and personal with a bear, and doesn't even realize it.

Bob and Irene McKeown, of Scotland, were leaving the Pasadena, Calif., home of their relatives Tuesday morning when they got the surprise of their lives.

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In video captured on a surveillance camera, the McKeowns can be seen calmly locking the front door, completely unaware that a bear was lurking just feet away.

The bear, however, clearly saw the McKeowns, standing still as the McKeowns locked the door and then following the couple to their car.

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"Once I closed the door, I turned around and I shouted, 'It's a bear. It's a bear,'" recalled Bob McKeown.

McKeown felt the bear paw at his leg and rushed inside to call 911, according to local ABC station KABC.

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"I run up the stairs to try to get in the door, and the key wouldn't turn," he said.

The McKeowns escaped their bear encounter with only a slight nick to Bob's leg, but the close encounter with the bear was not a first for the Pasadena area.

Officials there have warned residents to be on the lookout for a bear after there was another sighting two days after the McKeown's encounter Thursday.

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In that case, a bear was captured on camera sitting up, rolling around and gnawing on a fence along a local road, KABC reports.

Pasadena police and animal control officers say they are monitoring the bear sightings, which have not been confirmed to be the same bear.

Officials say the drought in California has brought the bears into populated areas on the hunt for food.

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