How to Make Delmonico's White Truffle Wall Street Grilled Cheese

VIDEO: Watch the Exec. Chef of Delmonicos reveal recipes from Americas 1st fine dining restaurant.

One of the country's top culinary talents, Executive Chef Billy Olivia of Delmonico's stopped by "Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis" to talk about dining like Dicaprio in the blockbuster hit "Wolf of Wall Street." Delmonico's is coined as America's first fine dining restaurant and famed for inventing the "Eggs Benedict" and "Lobster Newburg." While in studio, Billy Olivia revealed "insider" menu recipes. Here's the recipe for the $100 " White Truffle Wall Street Grilled Cheese "


2 slices thick cut brioche

4 slices L'Etivaz 4 slices Scharfe Maxx

2 slices Applewood thick cut bacon (precooked)

1 teaspoon fig mustard

1 tablespoon butter Caramelized onion slices

0.8 grams shaved white truffle (if unavailable, substitute with truffle butter)

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(Credit: Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis)


- Spread fig mustard on the inside of each slice of brioche

- Add 4 slices of each cheese

- Add 2 slices bacon

- Add truffle slices or truffle butter

- Top bacon with caramelized onion

- Melt butter in nonstick pan

- Close sandwich and grill in pan for 3-4 minutes until brioche is golden brown

- Flip and toast until brioche is toasted and cheese is melted.

- Serve with your choice of salad, fries or truffle fries

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