Robot Wedding Crasher Joins Conga Line

VIDEO:New advances in robotics helps wedding guests tune in from around the world.

ABC News' Annie Pong and Sandra Lee report:

If you thought romance and robots only existed in the movies like Wall-E, think again. More couples are now including robots at their weddings to do everything from officiate, bear the rings and even allow guests who couldn't make it to feel like they're there.

Sam and Melia Vilain rented robots to connect their family in New Zealand to their wedding in California last June. "We wanted to connect the people that … couldn't afford all those expensive plane tickets," Melia Vilain said on "Good Morning America."

Outfitted with cameras, the robotic wedding guests live stream the event to guests abroad who can then use an app to make the robots chat, dance, and even order a drink at the bar, all while their faces appear on the robot's LCD screen.

Founders of the robot say the invention is "really an extension of the person. It's a video conferencing system. They are able to see who's at the event, and people can see them."

"I was afraid that someone would crash the robots in to one of our wedding guests or drive it off in to the pool and break it," Melia Vilain said with a laugh. "I was very worried about it, but actually it turned out great."

Robot rentals like this one can cost between $300 to $1,500 a day-a cost the Vilain's say was worth every penny.

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