Skydiving Proposal Takes Love to New Heights

VIDEO: Skydiving Proposal Takes Love to New Heights

Emotions were flying high for one Australian man during a skydiving trip on Jan. 25, but it wasn't until he landed in the sand that his love for girlfriend, Jessica Beckman, was officially taken to new heights.

Adam Pank, 29, and Beckman, 27, have been skydiving for about a year, but this was their first time ever doing a beach landing, something they were both very excited about.

Not only was this the first time they'd be landing with their toes in the sand, but it was also the first time their kids and much of Pank's family would get to see their high-flying hobby in the act.

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Beckman was nervous to have their family as an audience, but noticed Pank was acting particularly strange.

"Before we went up in the plane, Adam seemed more nervous than usual which I thought was strange because he has a lot more jumps than I do and he never gets nervous," Beckman told

"He also asked me to open [my parachute] higher which I thought was so he could film my parachute opening (which we have done before), but he just wanted to get down and land before me."

Although she was a bit confused as to why he'd want to land first, she obliged, never expecting to get the surprise 5,000-foot-view of a lifetime as she soared towards the sand.

"I never suspected that at about 5,000-feet I'd look down and see the words 'Marry me Jess?' written in huge letters in the sand," she explained. "It all seemed to happen so fast now that I think about it. I was in a bit of shock when I first read it, then I got really excited."

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Pank had cleverly arranged to have his family, who had been camping with them nearby, to write the letters boldly in the sand as soon as their plane was out of view so Beckman would remain clueless.

"I was really surprised," said Beckman. "I knew he was planning something at some point but I thought it would be a while off and I never suspected it would be now, on the weekend we were camping."

She's so proud of her new fiancé for putting this surprise master plan together, adding, "Of course I was going to say 'yes.' There was never a doubt in my mind about that."

The happy couple doesn't have a wedding date yet but are planning for about two years out.

And as far as that magical 5,000-foot-high moment, Beckman said, "I just fell even more in love with him and got so excited about our future together."

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