Why This British Family Will Never, Ever Forget Their Children's Birthdays

VIDEO: Family Has Quadruple Birthday

When it comes to birthday party planning, Emily Scrugham and Peter Dunn will have a wham-bam-and-it's-done approach for the rest of their years.

The couple from Cleator Moor in the northern English county of Cumbria are parents to four children, all born on the same day but in different years.

The newest addition to their family, Ryan, was born on Jan. 12, the same day as his 5-year-old brother, Sam, and 2-year-old twin sisters, Brooke and Nicole, according to a local newspaper.

While that may seem like an organizational dream for some parents, Scrugham, 22, said it was not their intention.

"I really can't believe we have another birthday on the same day," Scrugham told the News & Star. "It certainly wasn't planned."

There is proof of Scrugham's contention, given that none of the four children were born on their due date.

"Sam was two weeks late, the twins one month early and Ryan three days late," Scrugham said.

The family celebrated their older children's birthdays this year with two cakes, one for Sam and one for the twins, and say they plan to continue to celebrate their kids' coincidental birthdays both "individually and together."

Perhaps more concerning for a father-of-four is not that the birthday planning, but the fact that the day comes just a few weeks after Christmas.

"It will always be tough just after Christmas but we will shop for bits and bobs all year round to try and take some of the strain," said Dunn, 24, according to the Telegraph.

The News & Star pins the chances of having a quadruple birthday - four birthdays on the same day - at 133,225 to one.

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