Columbus Has More Fashionable Men Than L.A.

A model walks the runway at the Michael Bastian fall 2014 fashion show at Rubin Museum of Art, Feb. 4, 2014, in New York City. (Brian Ach/Getty Images)

Move over New York and L.A. - the Windy City has the nation's most fashionable men.

Actually, New York City and Los Angeles just barely made the list of American Cities with the Most Fashionable Men from web site, a dating web site for millionaires. NYC and LA came in at eight and 10, respectively. Sandwiched between them? Columbus. Like, as in, Ohio.

The non-scientific survey of more than 13,000 women revealed that they think Boston's men are also high-fashion. Beantown came in second on the list. Are Nantucket reds the way to a woman's heart? Maybe, as long as they're expensive.

"There's an old saying that says: a well-tailored suit is like lingerie to a woman's eyes," said Founder and CEO of Brandon Wade. "Fashion sense is more than just color coordination and style. Women naturally associate fashion sense with a big wallet, which is an important factor when considering a potential partner

Cities With the Most Fashionable Men:

1. Chicago

2. Boston

3. Austin, Texas

4. San Francisco

5. Hartford, Conn.

6. Savannah

7. Providence, R.I.

8. New York

9. Columbus, Ohio

10. Los Angeles

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