Frosty the Kitten Is Purring After Nearly Frozen On Side of Road

VIDEO: Frosty the Kitten Survives After Found Nearly Frozen On Side of Road

It's a winter miracle for Frosty the cat. The adorable kitten was found nearly frozen to death on the side of an Ohio road Monday morning.

A passer-by almost missed what she thought was just dirty ice, but after realizing it was a small black kitten, brought the animal to the nearby Friendship Animal Protective League.

"We had a wonderful good Samaritan pick him up off the side of the road. She found him frozen to the ground and actually almost had to peel him off the road," executive director Greg Willey said. "She immediately brought him here to us and we started to warm him up. He literally was covered in a layer of frost and ice."

After working to defrost Frosty, the shelter found a loving home with Nancy Barrens for the kitten.

"He couldn't be in better hands. Frosty is doing well. He's eating a lot," Willey said. "We're not out of the woods yet, but everything seems really good at this point."

"Thankfully this guy has a good spirit. He wanted to live," added the shelter's spokesperson on "Good Morning America."

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