New York Neighbors Get Comfy in Each Other's Closets

VIDEO: These women found a fun way to save money and socialize.

Some women who live in a Manhattan co-op are giving the concept of sharing a deeper meaning.

They've essentially turned their individual closets into community property, sharing their shoes, clothing and accessories with their neighbors next door - or down the hall.

Resident Dayna D'Eletto explained how the idea started.

"Someone was emailing about wanting to borrow a pair of shoes, size seven black pumps, and everyone responded. So from that I think people just felt free to send an email to the whole coop for anything," she said, laughing.

Added Sasha Safdiah: "You can go in someone's apartment in your slippers and sit down on their floor and check out their closet and walk out with a whole new wardrobe."

Their generosity clearly extends beyond friendship, but do they ever worry someone will just keep what they've borrowed?

"No, we trust each other," said Dana Silber, adding: "And you know what? We know where we live!"

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