Winning the Game of Love: See Boyfriend's Pictionary Proposal

VIDEO: Pam Garcia, of Houston, got a surprise marriage proposal while playing Pictionary.

An innocent game of Pictionary one cozy Friday night suddenly turned into the ultimate game of love for this Houston couple.

"We play board games all the time, so I just thought we were playing another game," Pam Garcia, 30, told of the moment that changed her life.

Garcia and her then boyfriend, Matthew Tomasello, 27, were engulfed in a full-blown competitive round of Pictionary with two other couples as she desperately tried to make out the picture he was drawing.

"A church?" Garcia questions in the video. "You and me go to church?"

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Completely unsuspecting of what Tomasello was actually intending by his church drawing, her hopes of beating the buzzer and winning the round clearly weren't successful.

"I was looking at the timer and he was trying to draw a church and a dress and stick people," she explained. "That's when I was guessing and obviously had no idea. Then he touched me and was like, 'Will me and you go to the church?' Then he just wrote out on the paper 'Will you marry me?'"

But even then, despite his blatantly spelled-out proposal, Garcia still did not fully comprehend the fact he was asking for her hand in marriage.

"In my head I was thinking, 'That's not a card you guess in Pictionary,'" she said. "Then when he looked at me in my eyes, we locked eyes, and I was like, 'Oh my God he's asking me.'"

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Tomasello was so nervous while popping the question he somehow wrote letters upside down, but Garcia didn't mind. She said "yes" nonetheless.

"I couldn't stop crying. I felt like such a baby," the bride-to-be recalled.

It was the picture-perfect ending for the happy couple. They plan to wed Jan. 3, 2015, exactly one year to the day from their engagement.

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