Woman Surprised at LAX Airport with Serenade Proposal

VIDEO: Man Stages Musical Airport Proposal

With Valentine 's Day just around the corner, the proposals are kicking into high gear. This one, in particular, looks like something straight out of a movie.

Malia Farley got an incredible surprise as she landed at the airport in Los Angeles. Little did she know that her then boyfriend, Austin Dyche, was secretly behind the whole thing.

Soldier Turns Homecoming Into Surprise Airport Proposal

Dyche, of Monrovia, Calif., staged an elaborate proposal, strategically placing six of his musician friends around the airport to serenade Farley, his girlfriend of four and half years, as she arrived and made her way to the baggage claim.

As if that wasn't sweet enough, the songs were no regular top 40 tunes. They were six songs Dyche had specifically written for the love of his life during the three-and-a-half year time period they were dating long distance before Farley moved from Anaheim, Calif., to Monrovia.

Farley was engulfed in the moment as she blissfully followed each of their performing pals, who were playing portions of those oh-so-personal songs.

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Without further ado, Dyche entered for the grand finale, poignantly getting down on one knee to pop the question as he belted out a brand new song she had yet to hear.

The entire performance was clearly music to Farley's ears. She shook her head "yes" as she covered her face, fighting back happy tears.

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