4-Year-Old Newscaster Delivers 'Kids News'

VIDEO: Boy, 4, Delivers Adorable Newscast

The " Good Morning America" gang got a little nervous this morning when they saw their futures flash before their eyes in the form of a 4-year-old Kansas newscaster who could very well be sitting in their shoes one day.

In a YouTube video, 4-year-old Vincent Savage gives a rundown of the day's news in just under a minute, covering everything from dinosaurs to the weather.

Vincent, dressed to impress in a tie and vest, kicks off the broadcast with news targeted to his demographic, that the Tyrannosaurus Rex was voted the most popular dinosaur by kids ages 4 to 12. Vincent reasons the T-Rex's popularity is because it "prefers cheeseburgers over broccoli."

After encouraging kids to get their moms to take them to "The Lego Movie" by pointing out that Channing Tatum is a star, Vincent goes into a news story on everyone's minds: the snow.

His take on the cold weather, as a 4-year-old, is a little different than that of your average news anchor.

"Adults across the country are freaking out because [of] this huge winter storm," he says in the video, posted to YouTube. "They call it the polar vortex. Kids call it the no school, do what I want, play video games, awesome fun time."

Though Vincent is just 4, his reporting abilities come naturally.

His parents, Chantal and Mike Savage, are both former radio personalities in Kansas City, Kan.

Mike Savage told ABC News the inspiration for Vincent's "Kids News" program came one day in January when the family was snowed in and "decided to break out the new screen green."

Savage said his wife wrote out the cue cards for Vincent to read while he handled the filming.

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