Cheeky Monkey Steals Camera, Videos Self

A tourist at a Balinese temple got his expensive camera stolen by a mischievous monkey.

A tourist looking for great footage of monkeys at a Balinese temple got that indeed when one cheeky monkey stole his camera.

Ailton Schoemberger, a 25-year-old Brazilian from Vancouver, British Columbia, on an around-the-world trip, said he was hoping to get footage of himself feeding the monkeys at Uluwatu Temple in Bali.

"Suddenly," he said, "many monkeys start to approach."

It was only a matter of seconds before one monkey got his tiny hands on Schoemberger's camera.

"After few minutes of panic a sweet lady who works in the temple made a deal with Mr. Monkey and traded my camera for some fruit," he said,

The monkey even managed to take the battery out of the camera, giving literal meaning to "it's so easy, even a monkey can do it."

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