Fed-Up Traveler Suggests 'Euthanasia' for Snoring Backpacker

(Photo Credit: Brittany Willet)

Have you been considering an exciting backpacking trip? Maybe even have the event all planned out?

Well, before you embark on the crazy adventure, you might want to make sure you pack some earplugs and remember to leave any festering hostility at home.

A 24-year-old female backpacker in Vietnam found out what happens when others don't pack correctly, according to her friend Brittany Willet, a student at Texas A&M University.

The backpacker slept in a hostel, as young travelers often do, and she slept so deeply that she began to snore. Apparently, it was so loud and disruptive that one of the other travelers left her a pointedly angry note about it.

Willet posted a photo of the letter on Imgur under the username Jordancer and it has since been seen by many. The letter is addressed to "Bed 72," her friend's number at the hostel and the first sentence simply reads: "I hate you."

From there the letter just gets increasingly angry and vulgar, with the last line of the second paragraph of the letter even suggesting "nose removal or euthanasia" to the snoring backpacker.

"She received that letter while spending the night in a youth hostel," Willet told ABCNews.com. "She is 24, currently traveling the world as her post-grad life. She uploaded it to Facebook, and after laughing at it, I asked her if she wouldn't mind me sharing with a few friends. It took off on Reddit."

Although Willet found the note to be funny, she says her friend "was a bit upset" because "it was a passive aggressive letter that was quite immature in nature, but we all ended up laughing about it."

Travelers come across many different kinds of people, but this young backpacker just happened to come across one who didn't remember to bring any earplugs.

Willet likes to think that this is all "just another quirky story to tell in her novel of adventures."

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