Teachers Reading Mean Tweets a la Jimmy Kimmel Video Goes Viral

VIDEO: Teachers Read Mean Tweets a la Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is known for his viral videos of celebrities reading mean tweets. Now, the students at Los Alamitos High School in California have stolen a page from his hit-making book.

After posting a video last week of the school's teachers reading mean tweets about themselves, the video now has close to 500,000 views, with no signs of slowing down.

"When it aired [on the school's video channel], everyone loved it and that was great, but we didn't expect it to be a viral video," said Mallory Sullivan, a senior at the school who came up with the idea. "We're just a bunch of kids in a video production class."

The students, who are taking the class for pre-college credit, put together a broadcast of the school's news and they used the video as a way to raise awareness of how anything you put on the social media can cause blow back.

"It was a very positive way to get across not posting your business on the Internet, because you never know who it might get in front of," said Anthony Cobbs, the video production instructor at the school. "It ended up being really funny and relatable."

The tweets in the video are not real, but they're all taken from the students' most common thoughts of the teachers.

"All the teachers were super good sports about it, and I'm super thankful that everyone likes it," said Sullivan, 17. "We have a really good feeling when everyone's laughing at a thing we do. It feels good."

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