Undecided Baby Tries Salt and Vinegar Chips For First Time

VIDEO: Baby Tries Salt and Vinegar Chips for First Time

Baby Sadie just couldn't make up her mind about salt and vinegar chips.

Caught on camera trying the sour chips for the first time, Sadie first puckers up - then demands more.

"It's pretty apparent she kept coming back for more," dad Graham Simon said. "I think that's the effect of the chips for everyone - the initial cringe, and then you realize how good they are. I think she reacted like most adults do."

Simon and his wife Joanna fed Sadie, who is just 14 months, the chips because they are Joanna's favorite food.

"Sadie is starting to eat pretty much everything, so Joanna's been giving Sadie all her favorite foods," Simon said. "Joanna is from Canada and dips the chips in milk, which is something they do there. These were not dipped in milk. Soon, I'm sure."

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