What to Wear? 'Borrow' the Dress of Your Dreams Online

At some point, every woman faces the daunting fashion problem: what should she wear?

Being able to share clothes with friends can help. In fact, some women rely heavily on that option.

Now, there's another alternative: virtual sharing.

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StyleLend.com is a new service through which people can "borrow" a garment from a total stranger's closet for as little as $15.

Lona Alia Duncan, the model who came up with the concept, calls it the Airbnb of dresses. Airbnb is an online marketplace that focuses on short-term rentals of homes, apartments and bedrooms.

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"For the price of two cocktails, you can look borrow a beautiful dress and look fantastic," Duncan, 33, said. "Instead of purchasing a new dress every time you go out during the week, you can rent one from one-tenth of the retail price from a stylish woman nearby."

Style Lend is currently only available in San Francisco, but it could be available in New York later this year.

Stylist Gretta Monahan said Style Lend and similar services are making it possible "to save women tons of money and actually make their wardrobes a real investment."

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The lending period is one week. On the website, some of the high end designer dresses on offer were available for $15 to $350.

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