Baby's 'Night at the Roxbury' Dance Moves Beat Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan

This baby, Audrey from Australia, just wants to dance.

Move over Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan- this baby's got rhythm!

Sassy, little 6-month-old Audrey Putland, from Adelaid, Australia, can't help but dance during mealtime, hilariously channeling the dynamic duo from the infamous "Saturday Night Live" skit turned movie, "A Night at the Roxbury."

"I was actually trying to FaceTime Audrey's Daddy to show him her antics but he wasn't available so I quickly recorded some video to show him later," Audrey's mom, Georgie Putland, wrote to of her head-bopping baby. "He thought it was so funny and it made him think immediately of 'Night at The Roxbury.'"

The proud parents thought their baby's mesmerizing moves practically begged to be edited together with the equally infamous song, "What is Love," by Maddaway, that Ferrell and Kattan so memorably danced to each time they were en route to their beloved nightclub, The Roxbury.

And as for Audrey's future on the dance floor, "Her daddy is very proud that she has inherited his dance moves! Haha," Putland added.

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