Bouncing Baby Klipspringer is Zoo's First Birth of Spring

VIDEO: Baby Klipspringer Born at Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago is celebrating their very first birth of spring.

This bouncing baby klipspringer, a dwarf antelope for those unfamiliar, was born March 30 to mom, Triumph, and dad, Dash.

"We are anticipating lots of little babies to start being born this spring, but she was our first," Sharon Dewar, the zoo's public relations director, told "Unfortunately, her mom wasn't doing a really good job of taking care of her so we had to step in and the zookeepers are hand-raising her. Once she's at a good time and place to be put out on exhibit, she'll be put out on exhibit, but right now she's being very well taken care of behind the scenes."

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The zoo's "little girl," as they affectionately refer to her, currently weighs four and half pounds and is bottle-fed four times a day, keeping her right on track for the normal weight of about 24-pounds in adulthood.

"They're a very small species of antelope from Africa," Dewer explained of the klipspringer species. "They're really interesting because they live on cliffsides and really steep rocks. They have these very tiny, delicate hooved feet but they are so agile. All four of their feet can stand on a Canadian dollar. And they just hop, so she really is a bouncing baby."

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