'Hungry Girl' Shares Tips and Recipes For Healthy Eating In New Book

VIDEO: Diet Secrets of Hungry Girl: Can You Lose 25 Pounds by Super-Sizing?

ABC News' Abbie Boudreau and Brian O'Keefe report:

A heaping plate of chicken alfredo, sweet potato fries, pizza for a snack and even chocolate chip-stuffed strawberries for dessert. Sound like a diet to you?

Best-selling author and Food Network "Hungry Girl" Lisa Lillien said it is - and swears her super-sizing, four-week plan can help you lose a lot of weight.

"I'm all about swapping foods," Lillien said on "Good Morning America." "It's making better choices."

Lillien is out with a new book, "The Hungry Girl Diet," and it's all about huge portions with small calorie counts - a total of around 1,300 a day.

"You get a lot of bang for your calorie buck," Lillien said.

Lillien said food-swapping is key, like using tofu shirataki noodles instead of regular pasta in her "Fettucini Hungry Girlfredo."

Other favorite food swaps are using high-fiber cereal to bread chicken fingers or broccoli slaw as a pasta substitute in stir-fry.

"This diet isn't so much of an extreme measure," registered dietician Rachel Beller said on "GMA." "It addresses cravings. It doesn't make you feel like you've left your old world. But you have to have a basic foundation. And she [Lillien] gets you started with that."

Here are the lunch and dinner recipes from week one of Lillien's "The Hungry Girl Diet."

Ginormous Salad with Chicken, Turkey or Tuna

Super-Sized Sandwich Platter with Tuna, Turkey or Chicken

Special Stir-Fry

Chicken Hungry Girlfredo Bowl

HG-ified Fish or Chicken with Hot Veggies and Salad

Veggie'n Bean Bowl with Side of Greek Yogurt

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