Meet the Grumpy Dad Whose Relatable Saturday Mornings Went Viral

VIDEO: Vine Dad Becoming Star with Funny Parenting Videos

One dad has managed to sum up the typical Saturday morning routines of dads everywhere in just six short, hilarious seconds.

"I have two daughters and one daughter goes to dance class an hour earlier," Tony Serafini, of Leominster, Mass., told "So mom takes her first and I'm home with my younger daughter, who is 4, and she likes to listen to music before she goes to class. And I just started Vining her and it's turned into this."

Serafini, better known as Bottlerocket on Vine, has turned into a viral superstar with more than 322,000 followers on the video-sharing site, proving just how perfectly the scruffy-faced, coffee-deprived dad captures the feelings of the majority of weekend-warrior fathers everywhere.

The videos feature the weekend adventures of Serafini, 38, and his two daughters, 7 and 4. There are trips to the toy store and scenes of the girls blasting top 40 hits while giggling and dancing in the background. Most of the time, dad puts on a grumpy face in the foreground - conveying how he's given up trying to keep the girls from jumping on the living room couches.

"At first, I was trying to be sneaky about the videos, but then [the younger daughter] noticed and now she likes to do them," he said. "I add the grumpy face for a little bit of effect. I think that's what made it relatable to everybody. I'm just trying to have my coffee and check my email."

The six-second clips of kid craziness sure do demonstrate how their family dynamic works, which is probably easing the minds of many other daddies with daughters.

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