Scantily Clad Beachgoer Photobombs Newlyweds' Big Day

(Photo Credit: Quincy Perkins/White Orchid Studios)

Ain't no shame in this man's game.

Never mind that newlyweds Brittany and Barry Marquart were in the middle of their picturesque post-wedding photo shoot in serene Key West, Fla., dressed to the nines in full wedding gown and tux. This beachgoer, a portly gentleman sporting a teeny-weeny swim suit, was clearly going to walk where he pleased, proudly stomping through the background of their pictures on the pier overlooking the crystal-blue Atlantic ocean.

"We saw him from afar and didn't think he'd actually walk past," Brittany, the bride, told of the unexpected, scantily clad photobomb. "He was so proud. I actually give him props for being as proud as he was."

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Their photographer, Quincy Perkins of White Orchid Studios, didn't even realize he had captured the perfectly timed photobomb until looking back through the pictures this weekend. But in hindsight, he sure is glad he did.

"She [Brittany] was having a really tough time walking in heels on the grated dock," Perkins explained. "I was taking a photo for exposure on my camera, and I just happened to take this photo while she was fixing her dress. I didn't even know the guy was there until I saw the photo."

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After he shared the picture of the unexpected guest with the bride and groom, "They were just cracking up," Perkins said. "It was a full-blown laughing fit."

The seasoned photographer says he has never taken a photo that has made him, or the couple, laugh so hard.

"I sent them the picture on Sunday and they were like, 'We'll never, ever forget this moment at our wedding,'" Perkins recalled of the Marquarts' reaction. "For most couples, it's the first kiss or the first dance. For them, it's the guy in the Speedo."

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