Silly Twins Create Dinner Time Madness for Mom

Twin brothers, Henry and Graham, have far too much fun at dinner time.

All parents have been warned about the terrible twos, but try dealing with the terrible twos on a daily basis - times two.

"Oh, this is just a complete day in the life," Diana McDevitt, of Hingham, Mass., told of her adorable YouTube video capturing her twin boys' rambunctious dinner time antics.

The 17-month-old twins, Henry and Graham, had just finished eating dinner when all mayhem broke loose as the two boys playfully kick, giggle and throw their leftovers at each other.

"This was just a normal day. I had just fed them dinner," McDevitt, 31, recalled. "I tried giving them their own bowls of pastas for the first time. But they threw it at me, at each other and all over the room. I don't know why I thought they'd be OK with their own bowls of pasta. I guess I was being a bit too confident."

The adorable antics went on for a good 15 minutes, she explained.

"They definitely wore themselves out for bedtime," said McDevitt, whose sons are equal parts "very entertaining and very challenging at the same time."

This video, she continued, is just a glimpse to show everybody the level of energy she's dealing with on any given day. And although she may be exhausted with her wild and crazy pint-sized pair, McDevitt wouldn't change it for the world.

"At the end of the day after we put them to bed, my husband and I are are completely exhausted, yet I always immediately grab my phone to look at their pictures and videos from the day," she said. "Aside from feeling worn out, we feel so lucky to have two healthy and happy little guys."

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